Data Transformation.

Create Master Data Quality.

KDQ makes your data more valuable. We cleanse and structure your data so that you can access your knowledge with confidence.

„We expected a most difficult transition from our diverse legacy applications into SAP. Thanks to KDQ we got a smooth and seamless migration!”

Ari Karima, Manager/Site Coordinator, Sartorius Biohit Liquid Handling Oy

Our services in detail

High data quality is a prerequisite for functioning applications and processes in your company. By optimising the structure and content of your data, we make sure that it can be used effectively and efficiently.

To do this, we compile data from all relevant sources and process it with powerful tools outside the respective productive systems. This means that our design options for processing are not limited by the data models and functions of the software used.

We implement algorithms for checking, correction and enrichment in order to convert your data into the desired target format on a rule-based basis and in assured quality.

Our agile approach is geared to your requirements and allows us to parallel design and implementation. This enables us to evaluate and document alternative solution options in a well-founded manner.

In transformation projects we achieve the following goals

  • Convert numbering systems
  • Clean up terminology
  • Delete invalid and incorrect information
  • Resolve inconsistencies
  • Clean up formats and content on value level
  • Make implicit information explicit
  • Enhance information
  • Populate Fields and Classification Characteristics
  • Consolidate groupings and hierarchies
  • Maintain status information
  • Cleanse Duplicates

As methods we use

  • Agile project management
  • Criteria-based data selection
  • Text mining
  • Cross referencing / mapping
  • Mass data processing
  • Automatic tests / validation

Impulse Workshop

Easy Start

The KDQ impulse workshop imparts basics and creates a uniform understanding.

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Data Migration Roadmap

Detailed Scouting

The Data Migration Roadmap is the proven procedure for preparing and securing migration projects.

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Data Value Partnership

All Possibilities

With our powerful tools we are your partner for the preparation and migration of your data assets.

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