Data Migration Roadmap.

Getting there safely.

The Data Migration Roadmap shows how your data can be migrated securely being prepared simultaneously. In this way, we create the prerequisites for you to be able to work productively and efficiently from day one after a software changeover, while at the same time making better use of the potential of your data.

In order to migrate all important information, our approach goes beyond the technical-functional aspects of the new software and focuses on your business requirements and the actual existing data. A sound analysis of the data in the source systems makes it possible to select the right migration strategy. We help to decide which objects are relevant for migration and examine their data structures and contents. We determine the metadata and the data quality of the legacy data and compare them with your requirements and the specifications of the target system.

This enables us to plan all necessary steps for quality assurance of the migration at an early stage. At the same time, we show you how you can increase the value and performance of your data through conceptual changes during the migration.

Systematic analyses

  • Applications and data models used
  • Relevance criteria for the migration objects
  • Metadata analyses and statistical evaluations for matching the data models of source and target systems
  • Qualitative and quantitative data content analyses
  • Comparison of alternative concepts and strategies

Concrete results

  • Fact-based assessment of the status quo
  • Comparison and potential conflicts between the data models
  • Error and correction lists for the preparation of the source data
  • Recommendations for the optimization of the data performance
  • Roadmap and recommendations on migration strategy and process

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